Early Years Study 2 (2007)

Putting Science Into Action

In 2007, Margaret McCain and Dr. Fraser Mustard were joined by Dr. Stuart Shanker to produce Early Years Study 2: Putting Science into Action.

EYS2 focused on the policy framework necessary to improve conditions in early childhood with a view of improving the overall health of Canadians.

Highlights of Early Years Study 2:

  • EYS2 explained how our genes respond our environment, and how children’s early experiences shape their development in the long term.
  • It recognized the economic benefits of investing in young children and their families and demonstrated how early childhood has a crucial impact on lifelong learning, behaviour, and health.
  • It championed for the use of EDI data as a central building block in monitoring how children are developing.
  • It reported how early education could expand by building on public education.
  • It highlighted findings from Toronto First Duty about how current programs for young children and their families are only a patchwork solution.

What Early Years Study 2: Putting Science into Action Achieved:

  • Ontario created play-based, full-day kindergarten for all four and five year olds.
  • Other Canadian jurisdictions expanded early education within their schools.
  • The New Brunswick government called on Margaret McCain to advise its premier on the province’s early childhood strategy.