"Greater access to ECE programs would also have significant impact on education outcomes for students in poverty, by providing them with opportunities to build essential learning capacities in areas such as relationship building, self-awareness, problem solving, and resilience. That's why People for Education is proud to support #ECEforCanada."

Annie Kidder ‧ Executive Director, People for Education

"Thank goodness for Margaret McCain and her tenacity! A rollout plan for universal access to Early Learning and Childcare needs to be a centre piece of the Minister of Finance's upcoming budget Margaret is right to call ELCC social infrastructure. The dividends it will pay way into the future are nothing short of low hanging fruit for Canada's post-pandemic recovery.”

Helen Sinclair ‧ Advisor, Deloitte

"In the long road towards a universal child care system in Canada there have been moments where success is within reach. 2021 is this time. With the federal government recognizing the centrality of their role in supporting the provinces/territories in solidifying and professionalizing the ECE sector Canadian families are on the cusp of a universal ECE initiative that balances access with quality. The economic, social and human development outcomes will reverberate across our country for years, bringing Canada to par with our peers in OECD countries."

Dr. David Philpott ‧ Researcher - Consultant - Advocate

"The business case for implementing a publicly funded, universally available, Early Childhood Education program is as clear as any case could be - for children learning benefits that last a lifetime, for parents, especially mothers, increased employment opportunities, for the country a stronger economic performance. As we come out of Covid, we have the opportunity to take some bold steps, implementing ECE is one we should not miss."

Joanne de Laurentiis ‧ Senior Fellow, CD Howe

“At the George Hull Centre for Children and Families, we see firsthand the difference that quality Early Childhood Education programs make for the wellbeing of the youngest members of our community and for the wellbeing of their families too. Children who participate in Early Childhood Education programs enter school more ready to learn and have developed more of the skills they need to be successful. Universal access to Early Childhood Education supports learning, healthy development and positive mental health; something all of our young children should have the right to. We support the development of a national plan for an Early Learning and Child Care system that is publicly funded and universally accessible.”

Kim Curran, MSW, RSW ‧ Director, Prevention and Early Intervention Services, The George Hull Centre for Children and Families